Test & Measurement

Nova Battery Systems designs and manufactures smart custom battery packs and chargers for unique OEM environmental applications. Portable powered field equipment requires batteries to be safe, reliable and meet OEM requirements for size, shape and weight. Our team of highly experienced engineers collaborates with the OEM’s design team to review and understand the project scope, requirements and expectations. Cell selection is vital to a quality battery pack, and NBS only uses cells from premium cell manufacturers, thereby ensuring quality of performance and battery life. Once the review is completed, we will provide responsive, experienced and knowledgeable engineering support throughout the project life.

To further guarantee proper functionality and peak performance, Nova Battery Systems performs essential tests on all battery pack designs. From incoming inspection of material to in-process inspection during manufacturing, to final inspection of the finished product. Customer specific electrical, mechanical, programming or regulatory testing is done as required.

NBS provides premium custom smart battery packs, charging systems, fuel gauging, cell selection, battery pack design, quality, manufacturing, and customer service.

Test & Measurement Applications

  • Intrinsically Safe Environments
  • Oceanographic Surveying
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Sampling and Gas Leaks
  • Radiation Detectors