As with most electronics, battery performance is greatly affected by temperature. All battery packs are designed to operate within a safe temperature range for the cell chemistry selected. For some chemistries, like Lithium-Ion, safe operation of the battery is critically dependent upon temperature. The range for safely charging Lithium chemistries is typically 0°C thru 45°C, which is narrower than the safe range for discharge, typically -20°C thru 60°C. Any heat generated during charge and discharge will be considered for every design, as well as external environmental temperature influences like sunlight. Thermal gradients in a battery can cause imbalances in cells and reduce cycle life, so proper consideration is critical. NBS can perform complete and accurate thermal analysis of battery performance in any environment, and will choose the right chemistry for your application.

Many other considerations can affect battery performance, including altitude, humidity, shock, and vibration. Many of NBS’s designs meet the strictest military environmental standards, such as MIL-STD-810. NBS has also completed many designs to ATEX, with encapsulation, and for intrinsic safety. NBS’s enclosures can be designed to meet any IP Code, allowing operation in wet environments. The company has the capabilities to design and manufacture all aspects of custom battery packs and chargers that work in any environment.