A battery pack consists of any number of identical cells configured in series and/or parallel to achieve a desired voltage, capacity, and power.  Custom battery packs can be made with either non-rechargeable (primary) or rechargeable (secondary) cells.  In addition to cell interconnects, battery packs may contain additional sensors and electronics for safety, balancing, and capacity monitoring.  The latter is often referred to as “fuel-gauging.”  Some chemistries, like Lithium, require at least the presence of safety electronics.  Nova Battery Systems (NBS) has the expertise and experience to design and manufacture custom battery packs in any chemistry, primary or rechargeable.  NBS has its own PCB fab, and can design and manufacture battery-pack power electronics for any application, low-power or high-power.  NBS also has partners to manufacture molded or tooled plastics, on-site 3D printing, as well as its own sheet-metal fab, in case more than a soft or wrapped enclosure is required.  We can provide a complete solution –cells, electronics, mechanical — for any application, simple or complex.

Our custom, cost-effective solution will be tailored perfectly for your application.