NBS can provide custom batteries in the primary chemistry – Alkaline, Silver-oxide, Zinc, Lithium, etc. – appropriate for your application. NBS can design a custom enclosure, provide hermetic sealing, and encapsulate the battery if necessary. Electronics for primary batteries can be simple fuses and diodes to more complex safety electronics and even fuel-gauging. We have designed primary battery packs for many critical applications: high energy density, high shock and vibration, wide operating temperature range, and low self-discharge rate and long shelf life, among many others.


NBS has a full solutions portfolio that includes all rechargeable chemistries – Lead Acid, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Iron Phosphate, etc. Like for our primary solutions, NBS can design a custom enclosure, provide hermetic sealing, and encapsulate the battery if necessary. NBS will provide a complete electronics solution for each design suitable for your application requirements. Of course safety is paramount, and the first priority in battery electronics, especially for Lithium designs. NBS can also provide, as necessary, capacity monitoring and fuel-gauging, LED display of state-of-charge, LCD display, charging electronics, security and anti-counterfeiting electronics, etc. In addition, we can incorporate whatever communications interface may be required by your application, from simple SMBus to CAN bus to Bluetooth and Wifi.


NBS can design stand-alone, custom chargers for all battery chemistries – Lead, Nickel, or Lithium. Complete, safe solutions can be provided, from electronics and PCB layout and fabrication and choice of contacts, to full mechanical and thermal design with plastics or metal as desired. NBS can provide safety timers, thermal protection, overcurrent protection, and trickle charging for NiCd and NiMH batteries, with the appropriate termination algorithm. In addition, NBS has designed many Lithium chargers with custom mechanicals, USB input, and LED/LCD displays. Charger designs may include external or integrated AC/DC power supplies. Sometimes charger functionality is integrated with battery electronics.