NBS is partnered with several third-party testing labs to meet whatever certification and/or qualification tests are necessary for your product design.    All Lithium products are required to undergo UN DOT 38.3 testing if anything other than ground shipping as hazardous material with special packing is required.  In addition, NBS can offer testing to any of the common standards for many markets; CE for Europe, PSE for Japan, etc.  Several of the batteries we manufacture are UL listed, and NBS can certainly add your battery to our UL file.  Common certification requirements for battery packs, especially Lithium packs, are IEC 62133 and UL 2054.

For more information access our regulatory compliance page

Several of the battery packs that NBS manufactures meet requirements for ATEX and /or Intrinsic Safety.  Many of our products are used by fire and safety personnel, or in equipment that operates in dangerous or toxic environments.  NBS can make sure your battery design will work perfectly in the most hazardous application, and meet all of the necessary safety requirements.

In addition to certification testing, NBS is partnered with labs to perform whatever qualification testing we may not be able to perform in-house.  We have a wide array of vibration, shock, humidity, and thermal test setups; however, some applications, especially military, require very stringent environmental testing.  NBS can make sure your battery designs operate properly in the prescribed environment, and meet any ingress protection required.