NBS can engineer your design from concept to completion. NBS is an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have engineering resources on staff, plus access to the full resources and capabilities of our sister divisions of Technology Dynamics, Inc. All of our non-distribution battery packs and chargers are manufactured in our New Jersey, USA facilities.

NBS has an in-depth understanding of all battery chemistries, and will be sure to offer the right options for your requirements. We can guide you through concepts, or work with detailed specifications from those customers that know exactly what they need. NBS will build prototypes and can perform thorough design verification and qualification testing either in-house or with our lab partners. We will help guide you through whatever certifications (DOT, UL, CE, CB, PSE, ATEX, IEC, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc.) might be required, and can handle all aspects of obtaining the necessary certifications to ship and sell your product in any market. NBS is partnered with several third-party labs for objective certification reporting and design evaluation.







NBS can provide continuing design support for evolving requirements and changing needs, as well as full support in the event of field issues or required diagnostics. Our outstanding material and supply chain management team will properly source materials, manage BOM costs, and provide support in the case of part obsolescence.


Our Mechanical designers can create2-D and 3-D models of designs, and perform thermal analysis when necessary. We have 3-D printing capability to help verify mechanical concepts, fits, and dimensions to help ensure the mechanicals are right the first time. NBS can design your battery pack for simple shrink wrap, plastic enclosure, or with sheet metal. We have ultrasonic welders for RF sealing of plastics, and our own sheet metal fabrication facility.

Our Electrical designers have both analog and digital experience. They will ensure your battery pack is safe, and charges and discharges as required. The can also design your charger, for any chemistry. We have done many complex electrical designs that involve safety, fuel-gauging, balancing, etc., and stay abreast of all of the latest offerings from the leading chip suppliers in the industry. We can also meet whatever communication protocol may be necessary for your system; from simple 1-wire or 2-wire communication like SMBus, to CAN, WiFi, or BlueTooth broadcasting of battery parameters. One of our sister divisions is a PCB fabrication house, and can provide excellent quality electronics and quick turns when necessary.

NBS has extensive manufacturing and test capabilities, and continues to research and invest in new technologies. Let us provide the solution for your battery and/or charger needs, from start to finish.